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Birding in Ecuador’s Tandayapa Valley & High Andes (Slideshow)

What can I say, Birding in Ecuador was crazy good. There were new, amazing birds around every bend. It was like being followed from dawn to dusk by a caravan of delivery trucks that would dump out new lifers and new families every few hundred yards. Here is a travelogue of our trip  captured in photos. Click […]

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Arrival Day & Tandayapa Bird Lodge

This was a mind-blowing trip. And for better or worse, I’m used to posting updates of my birding adventures with you…but during the entire seven days of adventure, I had to tame that urge. Even so, synopses of each experience would bleed through my brain…in 140 characters or less. I decided to just go with it. I’m going to roll out My Trip in Tweets…the tweets you would have seen had I been able to post every fleeting thought and wisp of amazement that lit my cranium.

Video of Birds of Ecuador (Birding Adventures)

Video of Birds of Ecuador (Birding Adventures)

Prepare to be enchanted by this video of the Birds of Ecuador, produced by Birding Adventures during our recent trip to Tandayapa Valley on the western slope. Follow BATV on Facebook for more sneak peeks.


Birding in Ecuador: Itinerary & Overview

Ecuador is an incredible country with a high density of birds that keeps a birder happily occupied from morning until night. With about 1,600 bird species packed into a country about the size of Colorado, there are more birds per hectare than any of the other equally diverse countries such as Peru or Colombia.


My next Birding Adventure is….”Birding Adventures TV”

By the time you read this, I’ll be either 1) rubbing my eyes at 4 am for a morning of filming in the Tandayapa Valley of Ecuador. 2) falling onto my knees with awe at a the sight of yet another radiant tanager 3) sedating myself with pico sours in order to quell this thing […]

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Animated Short: The Coffee Contradiction

At the risk of ‘grinding’ the point too finely, today’s animated short explores some familiar contradictions. The Coffee Contradictionby: lkamms MANY thanks to Paul Baicich, who offered up this fitting theme and even contributed to an early sketch of the script. Keep the ideas coming! Send them privately laurakamms@gmail.com. If I use your idea, you’ll […]


BirdsEye Coming to Android…

BirdsEye has been a powerful tool, but initially, “syncing” with eBird was a one-way proposition. But that will change soon, according to David Bell, co-owner of BirdsEye. Developers are expecting to roll out their first-generation data-entry from the field feature by late April. Read more >>


Family Travel: Good for Kids, and the Soul

I have been fortunate enough to do a lot of nature travel compared to your typical middle-aged mother with two boys to raise. I’ve chased feisty Red-capped Manakins in Belize, the critically endangered Honduran Emerald in Honduras, Aplomado Falcons in coastal Texas, Chestnut-collared Longspurs in Rocky Mountain National Park, and traversed miles of natural near-shore […]

Shelling is a favorite pasttime for beachcombers.

Sanibel Harbour Marriott (Ft. Myers/Sanibel)

Upon scheduling your first visit to Sanibel and Captiva, those lovely south Florida barrier islands laced with sun-drenched beaches and a bird watcher’s paradise (J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge), one of your first questions might be “Do I stay on or off the island?” Staying on the island is tempting…untold nooks and crannies are […]

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Animated Short: Restraint – The Yin & Yang of Birding

It’s Friday. That time again. In my latest short, Charlotte calms the monster in this socially maladjusted egghead. With apologies to all socially maladjusted eggheads, ‘cuz you’re good people, too. Do you sense, like I do, that the intentional and exaggerated stereotypes portrayed in this short seem to be a fading memory of the past. […]

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Animated Short: There it is! Over there!

It’s Friday! Time for another animated short. Chasing Rare Birds with the Directionally Challenged Have you ever been birding with someone who doesn’t know how to describe the location of a bird-and simply CAN’T put you on it?  Then this short is for you. Watch and weep. There it is. Over there!by: lkamms produced by […]